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From Simplicity to Sublimity

From Simplicity to Sublimity

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour

. . . .

Excerpt from “Auguries of Innocence”


What do we have to rejoice in the time of the Covid pandemic? Blake’s lines can be particularly inspiring at present -- in simple daily exercises that require no expertise or artistry, we shall find beauty or satisfaction and sense a purpose in a life confined and limited in so many ways. Indeed, when we behold what is around us, with a renewed sense of wonder, we shall find precious meanings and purposes.

The process of observing, creating, and self-reflecting via simple undertakings can bring us endless fulfillment and joy: a poem, a painting, an object in our surroundings, a phenomenon in nature, a dance movement, a deep breath we take, an emotion we feel, a pen we use to write, a line from some song lyrics, a beat locked in a beloved tune, a visage of someone we care, etc. We might not have a clear vision where life is going, but we will feel centered, in tune with our intuition to reidentify or uncover ourselves, and further to process our inner demons, hardships, and to engage in productivity and actions that make us whole.

When we touch, see, smell, taste, hear or feel, we form connections with others and with the world, through mental processes as well as physical engagements. We concentrate on discovering/relearning the ordinary and its sublimity. The best medicine derives from life’s simple pleasures. Use it to heal, to sense ourselves, to act and create, and to produce -- so that we are constantly engrossed and growing.






. . . .


-- 威廉·布莱克(WILLIAM BLAKE)

在新型冠状病毒大流行期间,人们应如何寻求值得欢欣鼓舞的生命意象?布莱克的诗句在当今的困境下实具有特殊的意味 -- 在无需专业知识或艺术性的简单日常锻炼中,我们将可发现崇高的美感或满足感,进而在囚禁而受限制的日常生活中感受到生命的目的。的确,当我们以新的天真的好奇感看待周遭人事时,我们将发现宝贵的意义和目的。


当我们认真触摸、看见、闻觉、品尝、听见或感觉到周遭人事时,便能通过心理过程和身体活动与他人和世界建立联系。我们将可专注于发现并重新学习凡间人事的崇高意象。世上最佳的良药源于生活中的简单乐趣。请用它来治愈自我、感觉自我,并积极采取行动来创造和生产 -- 这将是我们不断投入精力和自我成长的动力泉源。

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