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Are We Prepared for the Next Pandemic?

Almost two years ago on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a global pandemic. As we learn to grasp coping measures and treatments for this coronavirus, we are very aware that the crisis is not over, and other viruses will rise to threaten humanity again in the future. Are we prepared for the next disaster? Other than public health concerns and scientific/medical solutions, we realize that ineffective leadership or coordination within national and international governments can cause a ton of harm and damage. To get ready for any emergency, it is crucial to address inefficacy and reform crisis-response processes.

Perhaps the most efficient way to prepare people for a calamity is to educate them about health, survival skills, household readiness, and staying informed/avoiding misinformation during ordinary times. Equally important is to conduct ongoing medical research and development and gain public trust and investment in these areas. On a personal level, people need to be financially, mentally, and logistically organized for unforeseen disruptions in life; on the societal level, partnerships need to be established to collaborate promptly on action items. Experts also suggest strategies to tackle the next pandemic: use systems in place to identify threats such as watch lists, response networks, and emergency management systems; inform, prepare, and guide the public; coordinate efforts among healthcare providers, governments, and families; streamline operations and control infrastructural/supply chains; and adapt to and build on the new normal.

War-time efforts are indeed required in the time of Coronavirus. The post-pandemic world needs continued endeavor to improve and renovate. No country can survive and prosper without global collaboration, especially in a Pandemic. We need a better plan and to prepare for supplies, equipment, public awareness, equal access to resources. We can start fixing broken, profit-driven healthcare systems, educate our people, nurture responsible citizens who can think not only themselves, but for others. Yes, we can be prepared -- we can do anything if we work together.


几近两年多前于 2020 年 3 月 11 日,世界卫生组织宣布新型冠状病毒为全球流行病。当学习掌握应对这种冠状病毒的措施和治疗方法时,我们非常清楚危机并还没有结束,未来还会有其他病毒再次崛起威胁人类。我们准备好应对下一次灾难了吗?除了公共卫生问题和科学/医学解决方案之外,我们意识到国家和国际政府内部的领导或协调之间的缺失可能会造成大量伤害和损害。要为任何紧急情况做好准备,解决低效问题并改革危机应对流程是至关重要的。


新型冠状病毒时期确实需要如同作战期间的努力作业。病毒流行后的世界需要继续努力改善和革新。在病毒流行期间如果没有全球合作,任何国家都无法生存和繁荣。人们需要一个更好的计划并为物资、设备、公众意识、平等获取资源的管道做好准备。人们可以开始修复破碎的、以利润为导向的医疗保健系统,教育我们的人民,培养不仅可以为自己思考,而且可以为他人着想的负责任的公民。是的,我们可以做好准备 -- 如果一起努力,我们将可以达成任何任务和目标。

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