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An Unspeakable Day in American History

How would an educator or anyone explain the chaos and riots that transpired at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C on January 6, 2021.? I felt disgusted and speechless in terms of America’s complex and long history of racial divide or white supremacy upheld by certain groups of people (Trump supporters manifest such divide or prejudice via violence and utter disregard of our Constitution by taking over the building in a seditious attempt). While I was appalled and saddened in taciturnity, my students were calling the incident “Civil War II.” Judging from the bloodshed, broken windows, terrorist symbols left inside the building, and the evidence of ammunition and explosive devices brought to our democracy’s sacred ground, I recognize my students were not very far from a fair description of the reality.

A teaching opportunity certainly exists at this moment. No matter where one’s political view or belief resides, lawlessness or closed-mindedness is proven to be harmful and backwards. Teachable moments, however, become ever challenging for educators across the country, when morality and honesty is lacking at our country’s top leadership level. How would you teach the young that bullying is a serious offense and could lead to expulsion when our political leaders are the biggest bullies of all, distorting and twisting civil processes to suit their own agenda? The manipulation of our democratic practices leading to the insurrection implies an opposing set of principles and values we preach to our students: simple kindness and respect, tolerance, civility, honesty, accountability, democratic ethics, and national security, among others.

If we continue to fail to deliver and show that words and actions have consequences, we will lose our young generations to an abyss of confusion and trauma even further. There was no justification for the actions of the Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol to disrupt the certification process of Biden’s election to presidency. Let’s look to the basic skill of processing anger and negative emotion through peaceful reflections and self-growth. Let’s be the adults we should be and demonstrate how grown-ups should behave and bear responsibilities for their own words/actions. The past couple of years have been unprecedently difficult for everyone due to the Covid pandemic -- let’s stop adding to the hardships. Let’s try building back a safe society that future generations can inherit and live in. We may be as confused as the young now. We might not have all the answers -- we had better start seeking and stand up for our democracy.

美国 历史上不可言喻的一天

对于2021 年 1 月 6 日于华盛顿特区的美国国会大厦所发生的 一场 混乱和 骚动,身为人师者或任何人该如何作解释?美国某些群体长久以来所坚持的种族偏见或白人至高无上的主义 ,令我感到厌恶及无言以对(支持川普的人通过暴力表现出了此种偏见或信念 ,并使用煽动性的言行和暴力强硬进入国会大夏 ,完全无视美国的民主宪法。)。当 沉默地表现内心震惊、沉重和 悲伤时 ,我的学生们却已将这一 事件称为 "第二 次内战"。 从此事件所呈现的残暴、毁害,以及留在国会大夏内的恐怖分子标志和弹药、爆炸装置的证据 来看 ,我认为学生们的想法与实际情况相距 不远。