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A Veteran's Day after the Election

Veteran’s Day falls on a Wednesday in 2020 following the call of Biden as the President-Elect on the previous weekend. On November 11, 2020, the federal holiday is to celebrate US’s military heroes, the country appears unnervingly solemn and quiet. The US government seems to be in a vacant state of power, as Trump has not made any comments about the surging cases of COVID-19 in the country, his administration has not acknowledged Biden’s victory, and no ascertainment or transition has taken place, yet.

In contrast to Trump’s silence (except for a flurry of lawsuits complaining about the result of the presidential election), Biden has been busy setting up task forces to address various issues such as the pandemic, the economy, healthcare, as well as the environment. He has ignited America’s hopes for normalcy and democracy. He has provided a stable force poised to comfort and heal the country.

A Veteran’s Day following the election demonstrates again, the stark contrast between Trump and Biden. Trump, in his first public appearance in days, ignores Arlington National Cemetery's mask requirement during a wreath-laying ceremony. President-elect Joe Biden wears double masks when paying tribute to veterans at Philadelphia’s Korean War Memorial. Neither of them makes remarks during the ceremonies. But their actions speak volumes, their narratives are indeed, clear for all to hear.





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