Get on Board, Everybody

Sanna Mirella Marin has been serving as Finland’s Prime Minister since December 10, 2019. A Social Democrat at age 34, she is not only the world's youngest serving state leader but Finland's youngest prime minister. Her all-women governing cabinet of 5 parities speaks for how far Finland’s social equality has developed. The United States, as a world leader of developed countries, pales in comparison as far as its citizens’ engagement with dimensions of social justice, be it gender or racial equality.

Finland was the first country in the world to elect women to parliament over a century ago. Many other countries in the world also have had female leaders, such as England, India, Austria, Taiwan, Brazil, Ukraine, to name a few. Women or any other candidates of various backgrounds should not be judged based on their gender, sexual orientation, age, race, or economic status. A leader is to lead with character, vision, and coalition from all sides.

Commentators have cast Marin as the antidote to strongman world leaders. As the world watches how Marin tackles, everybody should get on board in the United States amidst its own country’s political debates and partisan divides, to rethink what opportunities or choices the American people are allowing themselves to have in the upcoming election. Do we judge and choose wisely, or do we let our bias or greed steer our destiny? Do we need a divider or a principled leader? Do we side with dictatorship, or do we stand up for our own freedom? Do we vote solely for illusive money pockets, or do we vote for a meaningful, healthy and prosperous life? Do we want a pompous showman, or do we hope for a solid, genuine humanitarian to rebuild, and to restore our sense of justice? Many Americans appear to be still very much at war with their own conscience. Justice or no justice -- whether or not America the quintessential “land of the free and home of the brave” can survive it tainted systems, the 2020 election shall reveal.


桑娜·米雷拉·马林自2019年12月10日起担任芬兰总理。 现年34岁,她是社会民主党成员,不仅是世界上最年轻的国家领导人,也是芬兰有史以来最年轻的总理。 更值得一提的是由5党组成的内阁,全是由女性组成,在在显示芬兰社会平等的优异发展。 相较而言,美国作为发达国家的世界领导国,其公民参与社会正义的层面,无论是性别还是种族平等议题,皆显得苍白无力。

一百多年前,芬兰是世界上第一个选举妇女加入议会的国家。世界上许多其他国家也有女性领导人,如英国、印度、奥地利、台湾、巴西、乌克兰等。 我们不应根据任何候选人的性别、性取向、年龄、种族或经济地位来评判其作为领袖的取决准则。 领导者要以品格、远见和来自四面八方的联盟来领导国家,为民服务。

评论家们将马林视为强人世界领袖的解药。 当世人在关注马林如何领导芬兰的同时,人人都应该在美国的政治辩论和党派分歧中投注一份心力,重新思考美国人在即将到来的选举中允许自己拥有什么样的机会或选择。我们当是明智地判断和选择,抑或是让本身的偏见或贪婪指引自己的命运?我们需要一个分裂者还是一个有原则的领导人? 我们是要站在独裁者之边,还是坚持为自己的自由奋斗? 我们投选的是仅仅虚幻的钱袋,或者是投票支持有意义、健康和富裕的生活? 我们想要一个浮夸的展示者,还是希望有一个坚实、真正的人道主义斗士来重建和恢复我们的正义感? 许多美国人似乎仍然与自己的良心处于战争状态。 公平正义与否 -- 2020年大选将揭示美国这个典型的"自由之国和勇士的家园"能否生存下来。