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What's New in the New Decade?

What's New in the New Decade?

The year of 2020 kicks off the beginning of a new decade. While no one can make 100% accurate predictions of what’s in store for mankind, one can discern what’s coming in the new decade. Japan will hold the Summer Olympics while also endeavoring to build a robotic moon base. Many countries will have major elections, including America where Trump’s legacy will be determined. The tallest building in the world will be Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia, upon its completion. China will venture to build the longest high-speed rail from Beijing to London. Chips will be implanted in human brains, cars will drive themselves, and the list goes on.

Among so many new happenings in technology, economy and politics, the determining factor of human destiny, for the most part, lies upon America’s election of a new president. The new president will have a profound impact on America’s role on the world stage: reclaiming trust or deepening the disasters we witness around the world.

Will the world find peace? Will the hungry get fed? Will the homeless be taken care of? Will climate change be looked at seriously by the world leaders? All these questions may be at the forefront of what the populace is looking for in this new decade. Certainly, those issues are leading the mainstream media in popularity. What will be done?

As the world braces for unprecedented technological explorations, perhaps wonders of the past decades could steer us clear of wrong or harmful choices. On a personal level, let’s revere the resolutions of bettering ourselves. From a global standpoint, may our lens be open wide enough to look at the whole planet, its health, and the greater wellbeing of the world’s populations. We need to remove/eliminate tyrannical regimes, remove power-mongering world leaders, sideline the need for greater personal wealth by the already incredibly rich, and focus on the real issues, the real long-term problems we must overcome, in order to have healthy planet and population.

Will this be the decade where we finally take control of our destiny or will this be another decade of the “same old same old” -- where the rich get richer, and the planet continues to fall into a state of disrepair?






2020年代将是我们最终能掌控命运的新十年,亦或者,“太阳底下无新鲜事”-- 富者越富、贫者越贫,而这个地球继续陷入失修状态?

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