A Peaceful Fighter

Born on October 2nd, 1869, Mahatma Gandhi was India’s icon for non-violent battle to attain independence from Britain, as well as unity of India. A peaceful fighter he was; the oxymoron within inevitably foretold unsettled sectarian tension between Muslims and Hindu people. Such struggles continue to this day. This October as many world leaders paid tribute to Gandhi’s 150th birthday, his portrait was reportedly defaced. Sad to say, assailants of Gandhi’s legacy are now under investigation.

The case alleges "imputations, assertions prejudicial to national integration," "intentional insult with an intent to provoke the breach of peace," and "statements conducing public mischief." It reveals that not everyone in India loves Gandhi for promoting Hindu-Muslim unity. Hindu extremist, Nathuram Godse, in January 1948, assassinated the non-violent leader soon after India gained independence from British colonial rule in August 1947. The fight about ideological or religious differences remains for as long as mankind exists, and oftentimes it is not very peaceful.

It is high time to revisit Gandhi’s teachings, not only for the sake of our young generations, but for the blind or closed-minded that divert from progress or civilization. Life lessons about peace, non-violence, honesty and integrity formulate the groundwork of reconstructing a healthy society. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” -- as Gandhi has taught us. When reflecting on our own weakness and strength, we can grow to be well-rounded citizens. When we change ourselves to be better versions of people for the world, perhaps the world can then become a better place for all.



该案声称"袭击者指责、并损害国家和平一体的景象","蓄意侮辱,意图挑起破坏和平的行为",以及"煽动公众、发表恶质的言论"。此案在在显示并非人人皆崇拜促进印度各宗教团结统一的甘地。1948 年 1 月,印度极端分子纳图拉姆·戈斯在印度摆脱英国殖民统治后不久暗杀了这位和平斗争领袖。 有史以来,关于意识形态或宗教差异的斗争就一直存在,而之中的争议往往不是非常和平。

当今人们应该重新研习甘地的教导,不仅为了我们年轻一代,也是为了那些偏离文明或盲目封闭的人。关于和平、非暴力、诚实和正直的生活教训是重建一个健康社会的基础。"作你自己希望在世界上看到的变化" -- 甘地有教 --人们必须以身作则、先改变自己、再来教化世界。当我们反思自己的弱点和能力时,便可以成长为圆融成熟的公民。当我们改变自己,成为世界更好的人的版本时,也许世界对所有人而言便可以成为一个更美好的园地。