New Release -- Global Competence Revisited

GLOBAL COMPETENCE REVISITED contains a collection of Alicia Su Lozeron’s articles about various topics concerning the world. In bringing global competence to the forefront, the author emphasizes a global mindset or global perspectives in achieving peace and growth for our global village.

The articles collected in this book are written with a purpose of raising global awareness about cultural sensitivity and competency. They aim to connect the world. By researching and analyzing facts as well as observing custom traditions of cross-cultural nature, Alicia Su Lozeron compels the world to observe and think critically for a more peaceful and prosperous global community.

Through her writing as well as her communication management and travel consulting company, Asia-America Connection Society, AACS 亚美合作协会, Alicia Su Lozeron has been promoting and urging global competence. Her diligence in providing quality content related to the global community has proven to be rewarding, both to her own personal fulfillment, and to the global village’s needs. For herself, the work is her cause and calling. She gains a great deal of gratification through hard work and creation. For the world, her work is beneficial and educational in the ways it introduces peoples and cultures of various heritages and embraces world citizens of the global village, with their fair share of rights to being, to life, and to our magnificent Earth.