A Checked and Balanced Future America

America is blessed with resources, wealth, economic power, military strength, freedom, civil rights, and liberties. This great nation, where people from round the world arrive to fulfill the American Dream, has however, been obscuring the vision its founders established for future generations. America, facing manipulation of fear and fixation to privilege, is relying on viable checks and balances to sustain democracy.

This upcoming midterm election holds the keys to America’s future. Will America stand clear of confusing political doubletalk to uphold its democratic principles? Will people vote for equality, or will they vote for privilege? In the midst of a #MeToo movement that seeks to punish sexual abusers, many powerful men elect to overlook outcries or protests against inequality. Whether the majority of people can vote for true equality or hold on to their own interest or privilege is crucial to America’s future directions. That is why the midterm election is historically significant: “This election is not about policy or partisanship; it’s about the principles of democracy.”

Will the American republic remain a nation of the people, by the people and for the people? Will authoritarian populism prevail and become the new normal? This midterm election will show.

One would hope that democracy does not die from the rise of a demagogue. One would hope to elect wisely and stop the privileged from appointing and controlling the institutions and political parties that should otherwise resist authoritarian-style politics. Checks and balances should not become abstract theories or be sacrificed in practice. To give authoritarian brand of politics a stamp of approval is to disregard the downfall of a falling democracy.

History has taught the world this much: One cannot just roll the dice during this midterm election and hope for a rectified society. Take a look at how ailing democracies died in Turkey and Hungary. When democratic principles are at risk, when the core tenet of democracy needs to be re-established -- citizens ought to be able to observe facts versus opinions and make informed choices to allow for a revival of a democracy.

Orwellian doublespeak and spineless kowtowing ought to be corrected; checks and balances ought to be exercised. Policies may divide the country; democratic principles must unite the nation. Redirect. Steer clear. Elect for checks and balances to take place.






历史向世人传授了值得学习的教训:在这次中期选举中,人们不能只是掷骰子,从而希望有一个整顿健全的社会。看看历史上丧失民主的国家,如土耳其和匈牙利。当民主原则面临风险时,人们需要重建民主的核心原则 - 公民应该能够观察事实与意见,并做出明智的选择,以便恢复民主。