Just another Corporation Bankruptcy?

The oldest gun manufacturer in the US, Remington Outdoor Co., has filed for bankruptcy due to slumping sales. Established more than 200 years ago, the company’s significant sales-drop comes amidst demands for greater gun control in the US, as well as lawsuits stemming from the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the Wall Street Journal reported.

.A shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. that killed 17 people in February 2018, has revived the debate on gun control, while hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets of US cities. Some US retailers have raised the age limit for certain firearms purchases to 21 or stopped stocking semi-automatic weapons. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has proposed to ban bump stocks through regulations rather than wait for Congress to act, defying recommendations by federal law enforcement officials and subjecting the Justice Department to litigation from gun rights groups.

Is America's gun culture not as impregnable as it seemed? Does Remington’s bankruptcy indicate the likely demise of gun enthusiasm? Or, are Remington’s problems of its own making, including errors in financial statements and faulty products, leading to its fall more than outcry of gun protestors?

The bankruptcy filing reported that Remington officials planned to hand over the reins to its creditors in exchange for writing off most of the company's debt. Cerberus Capital Management LP bought Remington for $118 million in 2007, assuming $252 million in debt in the process. Cerberus later formed a holding company called the Freedom Group Inc., consisting of Remington and other firearms manufacturers -- including Bushmaster, which Cerberus had purchased in 2006.

On the consumer side, Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods have taken initiatives to eliminate sales of assault firearms. The FBI processed a record number of background checks on gun purchases during the election year in 2016, but the rate of background checks plunged following Trump's election. The slow and long path to reform gun laws might just have given way to yet another corporate protection. Remington will operate under Chapter 11, whereas strong gun control debate continues.


由于销售下滑,美国最老的枪械制造商,Remington Outdoor Co已申请破产。根据《华尔街日报》的报道,建业超过 200 年的Remington 公司之大量销售下降乃由于美国人民要求更严谨的枪械控制法令,以及2012年Sandy Hook小学枪击事件而招揽而来的法律诉讼案件。

2018年2月佛罗里达州Stoneman Douglas高中的枪击事件死了 17 人,再度促使人们辩论枪械控制法令之细节,同时成千上万的示威民众也走上各美国城市街头来抗议游行。 一些美国零售商已针对某些枪支购买设置年龄限制为 21岁,或者停止进购半自动武器。 美国司法部长Jeff Sessions则已建议通过法规来禁止Bump Stocks(一种滑动半自动武器装置,使之操作如同自动武器),而不等待国会采取行动(联邦执法官员表示此举将使司法部门面临枪械人权团体诉讼的可能性)。


Remington破产的备案报告显示其公司干部计划将职权交由债权人管控,以注销多数的公司债务。 Cerberus 资本管理公司于2007年以 11800万美元购买Remington,延揽 25200万美元 的债务。 Cerberus 随后组成一个控股公司,称为Freedom集团公司,其中包括Remington和其他枪器制造商 -- 包括Cerberus在2006年购买的Bushmaster。

从消费者市场方面看来,Walmart和Dicks体育用品商店已主动采取停止攻击性武器销售的行动。 美国联邦调查局( FBI )在2016选举之年已针对枪械购买人处理了创记录的背景检查案例,然而Trump 当选后背景检查案则急剧下滑。改革枪枝法律缓慢而漫长的道路将可能会让步于另一个财团法人的破产保护案。 Remington会在破产保护11条令之下继续营业,而人们则将持续进行强烈的枪