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Press Release New York, NY |Las Vegas, Nevada - July 2017

With the climate currently developing in 2017, you’re feeling downtrodden for the turn our world has taken. You fear for the whole globe. This message is especially for you. We know exactly where you’re coming form and what you need: A RENEWED SENSE OF HOPE THROUGH CULTURAL EXPORATIONS TO ATTAIN GLOBAL COMPETENCE.

Friends, Families, Fellow Countrymen and World Citizens, our latest book Asia-literacy and Global Competence by Alicia Su Lozeron is scheduled to be published in English and Chinese Simultaneously on September 28th, 2017. We intentionally target the release date on Confucius’ birthdate, because Asia-literacy can provide a pivot for the world to rethink humanity and regain cultural competence required to function better in today’s society.

ASIA-LITERACY AND GLOBAL COMPETENCE is a collection of vignettes and articles about Asia and the world. In bringing the Asian segment onto the western stage, Alicia Su Lozeron emphasizes the invaluable contributions of the Asian sector to the global village. An irresistible shift of global power renders awareness about global competence ever more important. She aims to raise that awareness and connects the West to the East by researching and analyzing facts as well as describing experiences of cross-cultural nature. Her content is compelling, and her tales, beautifully narrated.

Alicia Su Lozeron’s work is beneficial and educational in the ways it introduces peoples and cultures of various heritages and embraces world citizens of the global village, with their fair share of rights to being, to life, and to our magnificent Earth. Her advocacy for mutual understanding and collaboration among cultures is vital for your company or personal accomplishments, on a business, cultural, educational, or entertainment dimension.

With more citizens informed and becoming more globally competent, perhaps the world can begin to heal. “Think Global, Live Noble” -- together we can build a better world!

Asia-literacy and Global Competence

Hardcovers To Be Released September 28th, 2017

English Hardcover ISBN: 9780998194158

English e-Book ISBN: 9780998194165 (available now)

Chinese Hardcover ISBN: 9780998194134

Chinese e-Book ISBN: 9780998194172 (available now)

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