Discussion Questions for The Un-death of Me

  1. Do you think this “fictional memoir” is more fictional or autobiographical? To what extent is this book a cross-genre endeavor?

  2. Does the book start in a disoriented way with a purpose? What purpose does it serve? Reflect on the narrator’s state of mind and how “stream of consciousness” brings out her stories.

  3. What kind of character is Harry? When the narrator says she needs to teach people how she is to be treated, including adults and children, do you think she has this man and her students/step kids in mind? What other characters might be included in this list of people that need to be taught about cultural competence?

  4. Do you think the character of Avery Mingli Liang is well developed? How has she changed throughout the book? What kind of realizations does she experience? To what extent is her isolation self-imposed? Does she establish true connections with her husband Abbey Lori? Or is it another quandary?

  5. What kind of character is Tim Rosenberg? Abbey Lori? How are they similar or different? Why do you think these two men become the most important influencers on Avery’s life?

  6. Do you think you can be truly empathetic of Avery’s immigration life and experience? Based on your own upbringing and heritage, can you picture what Avery has to undergo in order to find her niche in the American society?

  7. How sympathetic are you of people of foreign origins? Do you think they should all go home to avoid struggles in their adopted countries? Or, what do immigrant experiences like Avery’s teach you?

  8. What is your favorite part of the book? Why?

  9. The differences and similarities among nations are nuanced in this book. Compare and contrast. Give examples.

  10. The prologue/epilogue of the book draws out the same topic of quest and life fulfilment. To what extent do you think the implications change although they both employs very much of the same narration?

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