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Asia Week around the Globe

A cosmopolitan city never lacks for art, and art festivals seem to arrive to brighten up an era when arts and books can take you different places. Indeed, Asia Week took place in New York this year from March 9 to March 18. San Francisco put extra servings of ancient and modern Asian arts besides its daily offerings recently from September 30 to October 8, 2016. Asian arts in London will be at the forefront from November 2 to November 11, 2017. Hong Kong will have its Asian artistic feast from May 25 to June 10, 2017.

Visitors from around the globe celebrate these visual repasts of shows, films, galleries, museums, auctions, lectures, symposiums, tours, curator talks, and art fairs. In dire contrast, “Asia Week” is nonexistent, or sparse at best in many areas. The University of North Carolina had its Asia Week from February 20 to February 25, 2017. It’s a great way for an academic organization to promote cultural diversity and acceptance. Other colleges, institutions, cities, states, and countries could follow this example, as they continue trying to lure Asian students or customers from abroad. After all, two-thirds of the population on our entire planet is Asian.

Asia Week New York 2017 has grown to 51 dealers, opening the doors to the largest number of privately curated exhibitions in the extraordinary event’s history. Such a magnet for collectors, museum curators, designers, and scholars certainly satisfied its audience with an exquisite array of beauty and human achievement to be seen and savored at venues sprinkled around Manhattan. Behold examples of painting, sculpture, bronzes, ceramics, jewelry, jade, textiles, prints and photographs gathered from all over Asia, and you will have viewed Far Eastern treasures and felt its grandeur.

New York portrays a wonderful city where all citizens of the world feel welcome and at ease, or even at home. How about other areas in America?

America celebrates African American History Month, Hispanic History Month, or Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and has made the celebrations congressional since the 18th century. However, the question remains: how does a country treat its citizens fairly, or view the world wisely? How is a minority person regarded? A fellow countryman? Other than the gesture of acknowledging others’ existence, is America genuinely accepting without casting presumptuous doubts or aggressions? That’s just something to think about. Make it a great week or not; the choice is ours.


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