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Bide the Beaten, Boost Our Broken

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With the new order in 2017, you’re feeling downtrodden for the turn our country has taken. You fear for the whole world. This message is especially for you. We know exactly where you’re coming form and what you need: A WHOLE LOT OF LOVE AND CULTURE.

Friends, Families, Fellow Countrymen and World Citizens, our latest book release The Un-death of Me: Life of an Asian American Woman by Alicia Su Lozeron can provide just that -- a whole lot of love and a path to cultural competence and acceptance.

Through a life story of an immigrant American woman, this book brings about “exquisite accounts of cultural conflicts and inspirational perspectives on human interactions,” as Michelle Young of New York, NY reviewed. Avery Mingli Liang’s accent and looks exposed her to extreme discrimination, stereotyping, and insensitivity. She was unable to feel self-worth, accomplishment, fulfillment, or true human connection in her adopted country.

Avery struggled to create her own identity, and to escape the trappings of what a traditional woman and wife should be. Her life journey took her all over the world to witness intricate engagements, and to observe scandalous incidents of both the high and the low societies. Indeed, her story provides “an excellent source of stimulation for men, women, husbands, wives, daughters, and sons -- for anyone concerned with humanity and global interests.” (Young)

As vjkt of Las Vegas, NV observed, “The Un-death of Me conveys a brilliant meandering literary narration of an Asian American woman immigrant grappling with subtle emotions when associating with the world. In her quest for love and meaning, her story is deftly infused with effervescent intricacies, striking social insights, and profound empathy and compassion. Alicia Su Lozeron has created a masterful and resounding narrative that shapes our confounding yet precious world.”

Take a peek into the beaten chapters of Avery’s life; watch her overcome obstacles and soar. With mutual understandings among cultures, our broken society may begin to mend.

The Un-death of Me: Life of an Asian American Woman

Authored by Alicia Su Lozeron, (Master’s Degrees in English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University, New York, NY, etc.; Licensed Secondary English Language Arts Instructor, Las Vegas, NV)

Released October 2016; ISBN: 9780998194127, 9780998194110, 9780998194103, and 9780998194141

Prepared by:

Asia-America Connection Society, AACS LLC 7624 Genzer Dr.

Las Vegas, NV 89145


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