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Bensheng people were the Taiwanese/ Chinese people who had long resided on the island of Taiwan since as early as the 13th Century, perhaps during the Yuan dynasty, long before the Portuguese discovered and named the land Formosa in the 16th Century. Waisheng people were the Chinese who fled to Taiwan during the Chinese Civil War between the Nationalists and the Communists. For better or worse, these two groups of people coexisted along with the indigenous tribes of the isle, and so the political situations in Taiwan always centered on the integral process of making the country one homeland to be or not to be recognized on the international stage, to be or not to be part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC, the communist China or Mainland China), or to be or not to be its own, Republic of China (ROC, Taiwan as a country, a state, or as a province of China).

Both Avery’s parents’ families had been in Taiwan for generations from God-knows-where in China. Some said the northeast and others assumed Fukien Province because most Taiwanese people were from there. Avery did not see herself to be any more or less of a homegrown Taiwanese than the Waishengers (outside-province people). But there sure was a lot of problematic tension brought by the new influx of Chinese migrants and the Kuomintang government -- even till the modern times. Looking at the pro-Taiwan-independence DPP (Democratic Progressive Party), one would discern how history often had a way of getting to you. President Chen Shui-bian was enormously disappointing, as he broadcasted Taiwanese independence, but in the long run, was just as corrupt as the Kuomintang government preceding him. Taiwan continued the status quo with the Mainland China, to be the China hardly acknowledged by the world. Taiwan, The Republic of China, was scarcely a part of international engagements after the People’s Republic of China replaced the entity to be a charter member and one of the five permanent members of the United Nations in the 1970s.

Most Taiwanese civilians cared more about economic prosperity than a corrupt independent Taiwan. If Avery had felt any animosity toward the Waishengers (outside-province people), she would have understood somehow the ways she was regarded in her adopted new country of USA….

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