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Global Competence Mentor | Founder of AACS | Author | Licensed Secondary-School English Language Arts and Chinese Educator| College English Adjunct Instructor

Alicia Su Lozeron is the author of numerous news/magazine articles, short stories, and novels. She holds a Master’s degree in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University in the City of New York, is licensed as a secondary-school English Language Arts/Chinese Mandarin teacher in the U.S, and serves as a college English adjunct instructor. Through her writing career as well as the communication management/travel consulting company she founded, Asia-America Connection Society, she aims to raises awareness about global competence, and to connect the world through global explorations and studies.  Asia-literacy and Global Competence (2017), Global Competence Revisited (2019), and Writings in the Time of Coronavirus (2021), collections of her articles and vignettes, highlight her musings of cultural interactions and layouts the groundwork for her many endeavors.  (See both English and Chinese versions at

Her debut novel, The Un-death of Me, depicts a world traveler and immigrant Asian American woman’s life in a fresh light.  It is a fictional world full of contemporary and global resonance; it is about many subjects: alienation, individuality, self-doubt, self-discovery, complexities of love and marriage, quests of fulfillment and happiness, (in)justice, cultural diversity, discrimination, and mankind as a whole.  Its subtle yet intense emotions detailed in the many characters and locales, render a visionary sense of humanity, gratifying and unforgettable in their own rights. (See

A Man with Immense Love (2022) moves forward to advance musings of humanity issues.  It is a prayer for a larger life, an understanding of human conditions, and a realization of human complexities or gray areas of life; it is full of possibilities for human compassion and kindness.  Through the honest and generous protagonist, Aiden William Melone, the author reveals how a human mind could be obtuse and alert at the same time – how a good soul is the key to happiness.  The story is subtly exposing of human flaws but immeasurably uplifting.  It implies that we humans can build a healthier life, starting with a good thought, a kind intent, and then developing a wholesome mindset that is capable of evolving, growing and attaining meanings in our humble existences.

Alicia Su Lozeron’s work:

• helps me overcome difficulties or fears and find beauty in positive human interactions;

• helps me appreciate people of various backgrounds, and expand knowledge about the world;

• helps me understand interracial or blended family relations;

• helps me savor intricate feelings and emotions about important subjects in life;

• helps me gain enjoyment through poetic narrations;

• helps me realize a new perspective of hope, courage, and respect for others;

• helps me raise awareness about cultural competence;

• helps me nurture a well-rounded global outlook;

• motivates me to promote an open/just community;

• urges me to develop ability to see the big picture using multiple frames of references;

• helps me strengthen the ability to express genuine love;

• helps me decrease conflict by learning to trust and to resolve disagreements….


Detailed Information:

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Global Competence Revisited

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Unveiling the Author

I realized at a young age that writing was a lifelong passion of mine. Incorporating different elements into every piece I work on, I like to experiment with various styles and techniques. Considered bold and innovate, I’m never afraid to tackle any project or find new, creative ways to come up with something fresh and original. Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to learn more about me and my work.

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